IT Outsourcing

Scale your technology team at the speed the market demands

Have flexibility and speed to scale your product and technology team, we deploy the best tech professionals in up to 3 weeks.


In a kick-off meeting, we understand the ideal candidate profile, his seniority level, cultural fit, and goals with the professional.

We started the search for the ideal professional, we have two approaches to hiring, passive and active: In passive we send the job for our talent bank, in active we use our tech recruiters to find the best professionals.

We conduct interviews with the best candidates in order to find t-shaped professionals.

We send you a shortlist of candidates so that you can validate the cultural fit and technical level.

We deal with all the boring parts with the candidate and hire him so that he can be available for your project  (all within 3 weeks).


  • Have access to the best professionals, in a flexible way so that you can really scale your team;
  • Speed is our last name, we deliver professionals to you within 3 weeks;
  • Should any eventuality happen to the professional, we are responsible for resolving it, whether it be an exchange or profile adjustment;
  • Pay only after the professional is allocated;