The Top 5 Project Management Tools


Knowing which are the main project management tools can help very effectively in the development of your products. The great reason for all this importance is that some existing services currently only tend to contribute to the better organization of the teams and help priority demands to be delivered more quickly.

In addition, these project management tools promise to help in internal communication between professionals, whether remote or in person. During the execution of the projects, it is necessary to meet certain different goals simultaneously. Some examples such as: structuring the project, increasing productivity, simplifying communication, ensuring that all steps are executed and also storing generated information, are some examples.

Thinking about the importance of these products for the technical leaders of the companies, we prepared an article that details what are the main existing tools, what are their differences and for what type of use is recommended. Check the following lines.


One of the main project management tools today is Trello. Using the Kanban methodology, the service allows you to connect everyone involved, in addition to being able to create columns according to the activities that your development team needs to follow.

Within these columns it is possible to insert cards where each activity will be described in order to indicate to the professional what needs to be done. In addition, it is also possible to insert the delivery date for the features, which professional is responsible for such demand, some important observations and even comments to give more visibility to everything that needs to be delivered.

The tool is an online solution for post-its boards, which are still widely used in project management. Cards can be changed and updated according to the pace of work, offering a particular view of each task and an overview of all projects that are in progress. It is still possible to group and divide tasks according to themes and priority.

Present on the web, the platform can also be accessed through smartphones. So far, Trello is available in a paid and free version, and it is also possible to attach documents and images.


To further assist internal communication between your development team and staff, another major project management tool is Slack. This system is also widely used today, since it allows having a joint channel where all teams and members can maintain frequent contact in an organized manner, without losing focus on the activities that need to be delivered.

The system provided by slack can be used for free, online and even by smartphone. With a simple and very intuitive user interface, the application aims to create opportunities for individuals or groups to interact with other team professionals on issues related to the progress of projects.

Besides, the app allows the creation of channels and private groups, being able to segment the communication of certain development sectors. Using this way, only participants invited to groups can view messages sent through the channel, further facilitating communication in places where there are teams with a large number of professionals.


If Slack stands out for its internal communication via text messages, Discord has the proposal to be a good tool for voice communication. Previously aimed only at the gamer audience, the software has been widely used by technology companies to improve the communication of their teams.

The platform allows text and voice chats, and has the option to create private chat rooms. This function can be used to add certain professionals according to the need or the subject to be addressed, in addition to allowing screen sharing, which can be very useful in review meetings.

Discord has a very simple and easy to use look, allowing an overview of what professionals are doing at the moment. The platform also offers the option to manage permissions between the positions of your team, restricting and allowing access to certain text and voice channels.

Google Data Studio

Another interesting tool that can help you manage your project is Google Data Studio. This free service from Google allows you to create custom reports from KPI spreadsheets developed on Google Spreadsheets, or even access SQL databases. With the tool, it is possible to graphically analyze data, results and check if there is a projection of meeting the pre-established goals before the project starts.

Allowing the user to easily read and customize the reports, one of the main benefits is the real-time data, which can be edited in a shared way and stored securely in cloud services. Like other Google tools, Data Studio allows sharing of reports with others, whether to collaborate in the construction of data visualization, or just to view the report ready.


To close our list of important tools in project management, Jira is a platform with characteristics similar to others on the market, but which has even more features. Jira enables flexible administration of activities that can happen simultaneously through the organization of task lists, data management and reporting.

Besides, it is also possible to evaluate the performance of each professional on the platform and manage the execution time of each task, bringing even greater control to the project manager. Because of this infinity of options and resources, Jira is a system on the web that works by subscription. According to the official website, the tool is available for as little as $ 10 a month.