The Top 7 Best Programming Languages


Knowing and studying the best programming languages can increase your chances of a replacement in the technology market. With different types of use, and with positives and negatives that can vary according to the taste of each developer, some programming languages are quite known and used worldwide. In the meantime, there are others in constant evolution that can gradually change the way solutions are developed.

Because of all this variety, we have prepared an article that details the most important and most widely used programming languages today. Check it out below.


One of the best programming languages – and most used today – is JavaScript. This language became quite famous due to the possibility of creating interactions between the system and the user. In addition, despite being old, it has been gaining a lot of space in the mobile environment precisely because of this interaction. Used in both the front-end and back-end, the programming language is widely used in Machine Learning, Web Development and also in Game Development.

Being very versatile and universal, JavaScript has a huge community of faithful developers, fascinated by the language. This language works in order to run locally, and can be updated without the need to run on servers on the internet. Currently, most online sites develop JavaScript.


Another one that is part of our list of best programming languages is C #. C # is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft, which is among the most used in the world. Considered by developers as simple to learn, it has a syntax very similar to other popular languages like C, C ++, Java and Object Pascal.

Because it is also a multiplatform language, C # can be used to develop web platforms, mobile devices and desktop software. Despite being an easy language to learn, this does not prevent the development of modern and complex solutions. According to studies, this programming language is one of the five most used today in the world, being used by large companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.


Created in the early 90s, Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language that seeks the control and stability of large projects. Because of this, a large part of the community considers language as a methodology for experts on the subject.

However, initially, Python was created to produce good and easy to maintain code quickly, generating productivity and readability, since its low use of special characters helps in this matter. Because it is a simple and easy to learn language, it is widely used in several areas and therefore has a very active community.

Although, its use for Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Computing stands out, because the basis for these areas has a lot of mathematics, which is often studied by people outside the field of computing, who do not have much experience with programming. In addition, it can be used to search data in a remote database, read a page on the internet, graphically display the results, create a spreadsheet, etc.


The only programming language developed in Brazil, Elixir is a language already known worldwide. The great differential of Elixir is Polymorphism, the ability to take different forms according to the style of use. In this way, the language has become extensible, increasing the possibility of adding new features whenever necessary.

In addition, with Elixir the code is executed through isolated processes, which increases the efficiency in the use of resources available by the machines and using them with maximum efficiency.

It gained prominence because it started to be adopted in great solutions like WhatsApp, Pinterest and Discord. This language also has a large and active community of developers, since Elixir offers performance, ease of development and high productivity.


Another very important programming language in the world of object-oriented software development is Java. Also being one of the most used, Java was characterized in the market for being portable and adaptable, that is, it is possible to develop a program in the language in an easy way for different types of devices such as smartphones, for example. Because of this, Java has become the main language in the development of Android applications.

Another positive point of Java is its ability to scale a program as it grows in number of uses. With Java, it is also possible for code made in an old version to continue to be recognized by current versions. This programming language also has a large community of devs who sympathize with its qualities. A great example of using Java in development is the game Minecraft, a worldwide success.


Among the famous languages covered in this list, one stands out for its rapid and growing rise. Developed by the creator of Mozilla, some points from Rust drew the attention of professionals in the field, such as the possibility of replacing C / C ++ in environments where these languages dominated, performing operations with a lower latency rate.

Rust was designed to be practical and safe, offering different ways of adaptation and procedure. In addition, it has a lower failure rate during the execution of the project, product or software.

Due to this growing use of Rust, the technology market is expected to heat up in the coming years in search of developers specialized in this programming language. Because of this, it may be worth investing extra time in the study of language.


One of the most important languages for those looking for a new job is Ruby. Created in 1995, Ruby is a clean language, very direct and considered easy to learn for those who don’t know it yet. The main quality of this programming language is its easy-to-read syntax that guarantees the developer to write fewer lines of code to perform certain functions.

Besides, through frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, the developer can produce and launch web applications in a much more agile way than it would be in other more complex languages. However, as everyone has good points, the main thing about Ruby is the difficulty of adjusting the code according to the growth in the number of users.


Because there are numerous programming languages in the technology world, choosing which one is the best can be a little subjective. That’s because this choice varies greatly from the taste and programming style of each dev. For that reason, we present the languages that are most important today in the development market, seeking to help you tread a path in the search for a vacancy.