Hard Skills and Soft Skills that every CTO must have

Having specific Hard Skills and Soft Skills can make all the difference in the work of a CTO. Like any company leader, this professional needs to have skills focused on people management, business and also have mastery of technical aspects, such as programming languages and project management. This is important for your startup to develop in the best possible way and with a lower rate of problems along the way.

Because of this importance in the area, we have produced an article that details the main hard skills and soft skills that every CTO should have. Perhaps this can help professionals improve their characteristics or help you hire the ideal technical leader. Check it out below.

Hard Skills

Project planning

As it is a very technical area, a good CTO must know how to correctly execute the planning of his projects. This is because, for a given product to have a good final result, it is necessary that project management techniques are executed in an agile way. Having experience with SCRUM and Kanban are fundamental to the curriculum of a technology director.

In this planning, the professional is responsible for conducting a requirements survey on which features will enter the project. In addition, he needs to understand and assemble this planning according to the needs of the company and its customers. The CTO also analyzes scopes and limitations of projects, studies solutions, and also works to guarantee the success of products, managing time, processes, prioritization, resources and deadlines.

Strategic knowledge

As previously mentioned, for a CTO to be able to plan projects he needs to have well-developed strategic knowledge. This professional becomes the leader and responsible for choosing which technologies will be used in the products, implementing these languages ​​and developing strategies to improve and perfect the product.

As its focus is on the customer, the final product and the increase in revenue, it is important that every CTO is well updated on the emergence of new technologies – and the most used ones – so that he can understand where to use each programming language. . In this way, the professional is able to pass the main instructions to his development team. This strategic thinking is important so that execution errors do not happen and that the final product has no problems.

Technical knowledge

Following the main hard skills required in a CTO, having technical knowledge is the most important. A professional who wants a CTO position needs to have practical experience in computer engineering and similar areas. As he will be the technical leader of a team, he needs to organize the whole team and come up with solutions to possible technical errors that may happen in the execution of a project.

That is why most CTOs are trained in computer science and have knowledge of system architecture, programming and software design. Although not all of these skills are present in professionals, having practical knowledge of the technical part and experience in the area makes them better prepared to deal with types of technical challenges.

Know how to hire professionals

In addition to the resources mentioned above, it is super important that a CTO knows how to hire professionals. He is responsible for assembling the development teams, knowing where to find the developers, what their characteristics and in what areas are most needed can help in the progress of the project and in the management of the team.

The CTO needs to be able to identify and attract developers who are not only talented, but who are part of the company’s culture. In addition, it is important to know how to detect performance problems among employees as soon as possible, so that the company does not suffer from unexpected results. Therefore, look for professionals you can trust and who enjoy working together so that the company’s goals are achieved.

Soft Skills


Besides to hard skills, soft skills are also important for any CTO. Having a professional with the ability to communicate is super important for the growth of your business. Because it is a very technical area, the CTO who is able to convey his ideas in a simpler and more didactic way tends to have an easier time managing his projects. In addition, communication is important to communicate to other sectors of the company about what is being done in your area.

Another important characteristic is knowing how to listen to other people. The CTO needs to fully understand what is needed on both the business and development side and know how to deal with all the challenges so that it can transmit them efficiently. Make sure you understand if your development team is really understanding what you are saying.

Have a leadership profile

This soft skill is pretty obvious, but we can’t stop talking. As the technical leader of its development team, it is up to the CTO to indicate which paths should be taken and which priorities the project should have. Besides, it is the CTO that defines which programming language will be used in the product and which will be your team.

This choice can become a complicated step because defining a technology stack in the wrong way can compromise (and a lot) the development of the project. This leadership is also an important role in solving problems, as the technical leader is responsible for analyzing and tying up loose ends.


Closing our list of hard skills and soft skills, having a good organization is also part of the range of skills of a CTO. When entering a technical project, every technology leader needs to be organized enough to define a list of priorities and also to assemble their development team. Every initial project needs developers who know how to work in more than one area (Full-stack). After a clear growth of your business, choosing specific professionals who will work in each sector (Front-end, Back-end, etc.) guarantees increased productivity.

Being organized also ensures that development sprints are effective, done in a shorter period of time and that the least number of problems happen during execution.

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