The importance of knowing how to manage a high performance team

Knowing how to assemble and manage a high performance team is one of the main ways to extract the maximum performance from your professionals. This is because, for your projects to be developed in an agile, dynamic way and with good results, it is not enough to have a common team, but a team committed to seeking knowledge at all times. Besides being constantly updated in the universe of technology, some people management soft skills are very important for their goals to be achieved.

Seeking to help you in this moment, we have produced an article that presents the main characteristics to have a high performance team and how to manage the members so that productivity never decreases. Check out the lines below.

The characteristics of a high performance team

Good leadership and proactivity

One of the main characteristics of a high performance team is to have a leader who is an example for its professionals. The justification behind this is that having an inspiring leadership can motivate your developers to grow day by day, seeking one day to have their own team to lead. 

In general, inspire confidence, empathy and know how to communicate with your team, that way you grant autonomy to everyone so they feel more free to express their ideas. Also, in team building, look for professionals who are more proactive. This soft skill is important so that the progress of projects is more efficient, since professionals in the comfort zone may not donate as much as they can on a daily basis.

Search by evolution

Allied to productivity and willingness to grow, every high performance professional needs to be always in search of evolution. Therefore, be always motivating your professionals to perform specializations and even invest, if possible, in consulting and certifications for your entire team. This way, the whole team can contribute in a more efficient way in the execution of the projects, improving the performance.

With the constant advancement of technologies and the emergence of new ones at all times, keeping your high performance team up to date can give you an advantage over your competitors in relation to different work methodologies that may be more productive. In addition, know how to build your team with professionals from different areas and specializations, so everyone can learn daily from each other’s experiences.

Defined culture

Defining a high-performance culture is the main way for your startup to maintain this ideal for a long period of time. Make your entire team know how to plan and execute actions that are aligned with the search for significant results, generating a healthy competitiveness among the professionals present in the teams.

In high performance teams, developers need to feel part of a collective mission in which each one plays a fundamental role in the company’s results, increasing the feeling of belonging. In addition, this helps create a culture of accountability, whether monthly or weekly. With commitment, teams can mobilize even more to improve what needs to be improved in pursuit of overall goals.

How to manage my team?

Define objectives

One of the main methods to manage a high performance team is to use intelligent and measurable goals during the execution of the project. This happens because if your professionals have very complex and difficult goals to achieve, they can become discouraged over time. To make it easier in this aspect, create shorter goals and for a shorter space of time, making them incorporated day after day and done in a more agile way, boosting the development of the company little by little.

With the application of these concepts presented previously, it will be possible to follow up on goals in an easier way, besides being able to measure results achieved and build a more productive team.

Use indicators correctly

At the same time as the goals are set, it is important to use the right indicators to monitor the results. This is because, during the execution of projects, metrics such as KPIs and OKRs are essential to analyze how is the development of some product and the evolution of the team over time. With these indicators, you can increase the efficiency of your team and also improve the decision making that your startup may need to do.

Because of this, it is essential that every leader knows how to extract the maximum benefits that these metrics can offer, in addition to empowering your team to also know how to read all the data generated.

Keep good communication

Another important point to manage a high performance team is to pay attention to internal communication. Within companies, communication failure leads to ambiguity and uncertainty of people if their work is being well executed, which can create types of conflicts that manifest themselves in some ways.

The first of them is the recognition that you, as a leader, are not making clear the work function of each professional. This makes each one’s insecurity increase in the course of the days. Another problem that can happen are the misunderstandings between colleagues because they create expectations about the work performed by another person, thus increasing the distrust.

Resolve conflicts and encourage your team

Besides the tips mentioned above, another way to manage a high performance team is to solve any conflicts that may arise during the day to day work. This is because troubled environments can decrease the team’s productivity and also affect the delivery of results to their customers, decreasing quality and increasing production time. 

At the same time, seek to encourage your technology team during the execution of the project. Offering bonuses and extra prizes for performance or demand delivery can increase the speed at which products are executed, besides being a good incentive method for professional growth in the area.

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